The introduction of a unit council changes Nursing and Midwifery practice in the Neonatal and Obstetrics unit of the first private public partnership Hospital in Poland

Kelly Beckta

Kelly Beckta is Director of Nursing for InterHealth Canada the private partner engaged in The Zywiec Hospital Public Private Partnership (PPP), it is the first integrated healthcare PPP in Poland. The Existing Hospital is the only hospital in the area and suffers from poor infrastructure with equipment that is either obsolete or is reaching the end of its lifespan. Interhealth Canada is providing a brandnew hospital designed in compliance with global standards and furnished with all new equipment. The moving of 280 patients and 600 staff to the new hospital will begin in April 2020. This unique healthcare project includes an enormous piece of change management, best practice being the most important. Healthcare change is challenging at The Zywiec Hospital where the average age of nurses is 53 and many have worked at the current hospital for over thirty years. Kelly Beckta’s gap analysis of the neonatal and obstetrical unit revealed that best practice was not currently in place despite Polish regulations being passed over a year ago regarding the Mother Baby model of care. The midwives have been caring for only the mothers and the nurses only for the newborn for over thirty years, the previous leadership was unsuccessful at implementing the new regulatory or best practice changes. Kelly Beckta formed the Zywiec Hospital Obstetrics and Neonatal Unit council which includes herself, nurses, midwives, and the neonatal and obstetrics head nurses. They are collaborating together to exceed patients’ expectations, implement best practice, and facilitate better patient outcomes by engaging nursing/midwives in decision making. The council utilizes evidenced based practice guidelines, research, and policy and procedures to identify opportunities for improvements that enhance patient care and clinical outcomes. Despite thirty years of practicing the same way, they are successfully making the new changes together as a team.