Long-term effectualness of RA-1 as one medical aid and together with disease-modifying anti-rheumatic medication within the treatment of response condition

Avon Harold

Background: data on future use of Ayurvedic medication is skinny. They’ll prove useful if combined with stylish medication in certain clinical things (integrative medicine). We tend to tend to gift the results of Associate in Nursing extended term experimental study of RA-1 (Ayurvedic drug) used within the treatment of disease (RA).


The objective was to ascertain safety of future use of RA-1 for treatment of disease (RA).

Materials and Methods

On completion of a sixteen week irregular controlled study, 100 sixty 5 willing volunteer patients were registered into a three year open label section (OLP) study. Patients were symptomatic with persistent active unhealthiness and naïve for unhealthiness modifying anti-rheumatic medication (DMARD). Fifty seven patients were on fixed low dose medicine. Patients were examined every 10–14 weeks throughout a routine medicine follow victimization customary care norms. Throughout the study quantity and were generally urged to guide a healthy life vogue. Supported clinical judgment, specialist supplemental DMARD and/or steroids (modified if already in use) to patients with inadequate response; antiprotozoal drug and/or immunosuppressive drug usually used. Treatment response was assessed victimization yank faculty of medicine (ACR) effectiveness measures and ACR a pair of hundredth improvement index customary update maths computer code (SAS and SPSS) were used; vital at p < zero.05.


RA-1 is safe and effective at intervals the longer term management of symptomatic active chronic RA. DMARDs and/or steroids are also used judiciously beside RA-1 to treat hard disease/flares. Further studies unit of measurement required to guage RA-1 in early RA. This paves technique for analysis and application of integrative therapeutic approach in clinical medication.