Is there a link between nonspecific musculoskeletal pain and vitamin D deficiency?

John Warner

Backgrounds: A lack of vitamin D is common everywhere, including Iran. Non-specific musculoskeletal pain has been linked to vitamin D deficiency, according to some research. The evaluation of the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and musculoskeletal pain as well as the patients' responses to vitamin D supplementation is the goal of this study.

Materials and Methods: The study included 62 adult patients with musculoskeletal pain as their primary complaint. 25(OH)D, calcium, phosphate, alkaline phosphatase, and PTH were measured in the blood. Vitamin D was taken orally if there was a vitamin D deficiency. The Visual Assessment Score (VAS) was used to evaluate pain and its response to therapy. For statistical analyses, version 15.0 of the SPSS software was used.

Conclusion: The majority of patients with vitamin D deficiency can experience pain relief with vitamin D treatment. Serum vitamin D concentration may not have sufficiently increased for the patient to respond. This problem could be brought on by noncompliance, physiological differences in body mass index, and differences in gastrointestinal vitamin D absorption. In patients who do not respond, it is recommended to revaluate the concentration of 25(OH) D in the serum.