Three Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Matters in Health Care

Ginger Raya Cairo University, Egypt

Statement: Emotional intelligence (EI) is the way we deal with interpersonal or intrapersonal emotional
information and situations. Having well-developed EI particularly matters in health care, especially during
the current and stressful pandemic that we are experiencing on a global level.
Findings: There are three important reasons why emotional intelligence is an important quality to have for
healthcare leaders and healthcare workers:
1. Talent retention. The talent shortage is real in health care. Talented workforces do not need to tolerate
poor behaviour.
2. Patient Satisfaction: An environment where lack of EI is prevalent is a dealbreaker for patients.
3. Decrease in expenditures: Improving EI by 1% on average decreases healthcare expenditures.
anxiety. The presence of aura or warning symptoms before seizure attacks (55.3%) of the studied subjects
never had any.
Conclusion and recommendation: An increased focus on EI is a good investment in the future of health
care. At a minimum, it is beneficial for all healthcare workers to understand their own EI levels, which can be
done by taking a reliable, evidence-based EI assessment.