The Occurrence of Respiratory problems and Breathlessness among Professional Nurses: A Case Study

Toby Clark

Nursing presence, in spite of the fact that it includes activity on occasion, is a helpful nature of connecting with a patient that is known to have strong and positive ramifications for both medical caretaker and patient. Nonetheless, this peculiarity has not been surely known. Three hypotheses, drawn from crafted by Paul Ricoeur and Hans-Georg Gadamer, filled in as the limits for the two information assortment and examination. The hypotheses were story character, play and concern. This study follows a basic hermeneutic way to deal with field examination and information investigation. Writing in regards to nursing presence is audited and examined, and top to bottom discussions with eleven members are recorded. Inspecting the peculiarity of nursing presence through the hermeneutic focal points of account character, play and concern plays explained the part of moral direction, innovativeness and association with the human experience through investigation of self and other. This more nuanced and complex comprehension adds profundity to the discussion and offers additional opportunities to the work to empower and uphold presence in nursing practice.