The Impact of Mode of Delivery on Maternal and Child Health

Andrew Hague

Each over the world and particularly among the advanced nations, the Cesarean Section
delivery has been on the rise and it has given rise to a concern with regard to the health of
the mama and child. There’s a lack of agreement on the felicitousness of cesarean section
that could be admissible on a indigenous, National or transnational position still, there
are several short and long term counteraccusations that are associated with C section
delivery. Some of the recent studies were tried to identify whether c section and certain
threat factors were associate grounded upon the rate of gestation birth and social republic
information deduced from health and republic surveillance. In similar study conducted in
Ghana it was observe that the age of the mama , the education position of the mama as
well as the socio profitable status of the region of hearthstone were associated with the
Cesarean Section delivery.