The effectiveness of piezoelectric surgery VS Er:YAG laser for third molar surgery

Hamid Reza Fallahi

Background: Reduction in postoperative complications is one of the most important concerns in wisdom teeth surgery. The goal of our study was to compare postoperative complications of impacted third molar surgery using laser, piezoelectric, and conventional methods.

Methods: We designed the prospective double-blind clinical trial study. The data were obtained in terms of pain, trismus, swelling, ecchymosis, and patient’s satisfaction and then analyzed using a paired t-test and Wilcoxon and McNemar’s tests.

Results: The pain and swelling immediately after surgery were higher in the laser group. In the laser group but not significant. The amount of mouth opening after surgery was significantly lower in the laser group than in the piezosurgery group. The total duration of surgery was significantly longer in the laser group. The patient’s satisfaction from surgery with piezoelectric surgery was more than that with laser although it was not significant.

Conclusion: we concluded that hard tissue laser surgery and piezosurgery are more efficient in reducing postoperative complications compared to conventional surgeries.