Perspectives on the Chiari Malformation's Hydrodynamics

Mark David

The clinical course of Chari 1 malformation, which is a radiologic finding of caudal cerebellar tonsillar displacement, can range from benign to complications involving potentially fatal hydrocephalus. The clinical realities and dilemmas these patients present necessitate a coherent approach to this entity, despite the fact that the pathophysiologic processes underlying this variation in outcome remain a subject of scientific debate. We hope to shed light on the various processes that lead to hydrocephalus in patients with Chiari 1 malformations in this review. Understanding the etiology of such hydrocephalus is essential for the treatment of Chiari 1 malformations with associated hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus can occur simultaneously, as a result, or as a cause of the Chiari 1 malformation.