Optical beam Influenced Visibility including Dual Photonic crystals

Hosny Albayoumi

We propose a plasmonic graphene structure by depositing two layers of graphene mixed with a thin layer of gold within a silicon lattice. Using the finite-difference time-domain method (FDTD), we study the optical response of the system and observe that the design achieves dual-tunable electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT)-like effects at terahertz frequencies. The EIT-like effect arises from the destructive interference between the light mode of the graphene layer and the dark mode of the gold layer. The EIT-like phenomenon can be tuned by the Fermi level associated with the applied voltage. The results show that the group delay of the present structure reaches 0.62 ps in the terahertz band, the group index exceeds 1200, the maximum delay bandwidth product is 0.972, and the EIT-like peak frequency propagation is up to 0.89. is exposure. This indicates that the slow light performance of the device is excellent. The proposed structure may have promising applications in slow-light devices.