Nutraceutical and Health Value of Important Ingredients from Fish

Abdul Hei

If we have to choose the best dietary source for complete health, the choice would be from fishes and aquatic foods. The reason is that fish muscles contain almost all the ingredients for complete health. Fish are rich in functional, bioactive and bioavailable nutrients that have nutraceutical and health values. Different amino acids, peptides, fatty acids like DHA, EPA, carotenoids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals etc., are the important ingredients found in fish. Human body needs these ingredients not only in early development stage but also throughout the life up to old age. Availability of these ingredients to the body not only saves early developmental and growth defects, but also late age physical and mental decline. So, fish from inland water and marine systems are key to food and nutrition security in the face of global climate change. The discussion will be to review the health and nutritional importance of the ingredients from fish in human nutrition and health.